Disability Employment Awareness Month provides businesses with a great opportunity to interact with individuals with disabilities in a business setting. DEAM provides businesses:

  • An introduction to an underutilized employment pool
  • A no-pressure situation to interact with individuals with disabilities in a business setting
  • Personal interaction with a new consumer market
  • A low cost, highly visible form of community participation
  • Method for training current employees or putting into practice training topics
  • A possible cornerstone for a diversity and inclusion program
  • The opportunity to meet goals the business established for itself regarding diversity
  • A flexible and adaptable corporate responsibility activity
  • An activity supported by local agencies and a Statewide partner committed to a successful and enjoyable experience
  • Tools and supports to plan an event to meet the goals of the business participating

How Can My Company Get Involved?

Businesses interested in participating in Disability Employment Awareness Month can either contact The Able Trust or contact the Community Liaison in their area. Both the Community Liaison and The Able Trust are committed to ensuring the business has an enjoyable and productive DEAM experience. The key point for businesses to remember for DEAM is that the event can be customized to suit their needs-there is no standard model to fit in. With that being said, there are two models that are often used by businesses participating in DEAM.

Group Visits to Worksites

An appropriate sized group of DEAM participants visits the company for a guided tour through the different departments and operations of the organization, learning a little about each. Some businesses provide the opportunity to meet with key members such as the CEO, COO, Director of HR.

One-On-One Job Shadowing

DEAM participants are matched with a single employee of a business to shadow during the event. The employee shows the participant what a day in their life is like at work, answers questions about their education and the company, and utilizes the day as a teaching and networking moment.

Who Do I Contact to Sign Up?

Interested businesses can either contact The Able Trust at 850.224.4493 or you can contact your local Community Liaison directly by visiting Community Liaison Listing [XLS] and find the coordinator near you.

Learn more about the impact you can have on young adults with disabilities through DEAM by reading about our mentees.