Publix Super Markets

Publix: Where Shopping (and Working) is a Pleasure

Publix Super Markets is often lauded for its corporate culture of inclusion and diversity, which involves a commitment to employing workers with disabilities.

Publix strives to be a business that is reflective of the communities in which it operates by fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In doing so, the grocery store chain has solidified a reputation for hiring people with disabilities, which drives unrivaled customer loyalty, and making the types of accommodations that allow individuals to flourish professionally and contribute to the company’s bottom line.

While employment with Publix oftentimes starts with a first job experience, Publix works to create career opportunities for all associates, encouraging them to explore different positions in their stores and the company region-wide. Associates with disabilities are able to receive the necessary training to move into different positions within the company.

Publix is able to recruit job seekers with disabilities through the relationships the company has built with various organizations in the communities around Florida, ensuring employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Through these relationships, Publix achieves lower recruitment costs because organizations refer applicants with disabilities and improved retention as these organizations become more familiar with Publix. Service providers know the company’s expectations and are able to better prepare applicants for a career at Publix.