Able Trust Internship Seminar Initiative

In 2014, The Able Trust launched its internship seminar initiative. The initiative’s goal is to increase the opportunities for people with disabilities to gain career experience by providing businesses and organizations with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop an internship program. Internship programs enable businesses to create their own “talent pipeline” and ensure a ready supply of potential job applicants. For participating interns, internships are a proven path to employment due to increasing their skill and knowledge base and building a work history. The seminars focus on providing small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with tools to either create an internship program from scratch, or overhaul an existing one.

The Able Trust is partnering with the Florida Chamber Foundation to bring the seminar to local chambers of commerce to provide local businesses access to the information necessary to develop an internship program.

“If your business or organization is interested in learning how to develop an internship program click here and then have it open an email to the  email address.