Our mission

The mission of The Able Trust is to be a key leader in providing opportunities for successful employment for Floridians with disabilities.

The organization was created by the state legislature in 1990 as the Florida Endowment for Vocational Rehabilitation, as a direct supporter of vocational rehabilitation efforts by state agencies and community organizations.  Operating under the dba of The Able Trust, the organization has helped to put thousands of individuals with disabilities to work, and has supported employment-related efforts in all counties of Florida.

The Able Trust does its work in three primary strategic areas:  a comprehensive grant award effort that helps community organizations with programs that provide employment training, coaching, and placement;  an extensive and successful youth program, which addresses the need to encourage high school youth with disabilities to plan for their education and employment future;  and  programs directed at providing workforce experiences for people with disabilities – internships, mentoring, job shadowing, part and full time jobs.

The Able Trust also devotes resources to addressing barriers to employment through targeted communication efforts, and conducts research to identify issues that affect the employment of Floridians with disabilities. 

The organization is funded through a combination of public and private dollars.  The positive impact of the work of The Able Trust has been felt by non-profit agencies serving people with various disabilities, by post-secondary institutions that welcome students with disabilities, and by people with disabilities and their families.