About HSHT

Flight Simulator

An Alachua County HSHT student tries out the flight simulator at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

The Able Trust High School High Tech (HSHT) is a year-round program for youth with disabilities ages 14-22. HSHT encourages students to explore STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) -- and there is no better time than now to do just that! The National Science Foundation predicts that by 2021, 80% of jobs will require some level of math, science, or technology skills. HSHT prepares students for life after high school – post-secondary education, employment, community involvement – through real-world experiences. Activities include career workshops, industry & campus tours, summer internships, community service projects, leadership development, and much more!

The Goals of the HSHT Program are to:

  1. Increase the high school graduation rate of youth with disabilities.
    Students who participate in HSHT achieve a 99% graduation rate annually. This is twice the graduation rate of all other students with disabilities in the state of Florida.
  2. Increase their enrollment in postsecondary institutions.
    83% of HSHT graduates enter postsecondary education including 4-year universities, 2-year state colleges, and technical colleges compared to 59% of all other students with disabilities in Florida.
  3. Improve their participation in education, vocational, and employment related activities in technology related fields.
    83% of Florida HSHT graduates enter postsecondary education, continuing education, or employment compared to 59% of other graduates with disabilities in Florida.
Laboratory Experiences

Marion County HSHT students learn about careers in the allied health fields at Taylor College through hands-on laboratory experiences.

It's easy to get involved in HSHT by contacting the program director in your area to learn about the exciting activities that are taking place all year long. If there is not a program in your area, be sure to contact us or visit our Resource page to locate other resources near you.

Family Involvement

Family involvement and support is vital to the HSHT program. Students who receive support from their family members are shown to have more confidence in themselves and higher expectations for their future. Families are invited to attend several events throughout the year such as annual kickoff events or end of the year awards ceremonies. Parents and caregivers can assist their state and local HSHT program by providing transportation, serving on advisory boards, or engaging local employers in mentoring, internship or other sponsorship activities.