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Disability Links & Resources

Disability Services in Your Area

There are a wide variety of resources and organizations offering employment support services. These services can be used by both employers and people with disabilities. We encourage everyone to learn more about the services available in your area by utilizing our online service provider directory.

Disability Service Provider Directory County Map

Click on a region to view a listing of disability service providers in your area. Or, you can choose from the county listings below.

Northwest Florida North Central Florida Northeast Florida East Coast Florida Gulf Coast Florida Central Florida Southwest Florida South Florida
Map of Florida Counties: Disability Service Provider Directory Map

Disability Service Provider Directory County Listings

See an error or old information in one of these listings? Please send us your updated or new information by returning this form to the Able Trust.

This information has been compiled by The Able Trust as a public resource about organizations providing services to Florida citizens with disabilities. The Able Trust does not investigate or endorse any agencies listed above and does not seek to exclude any agency not currently listed. If you are seeking additional information about disability services in Florida, contact the the Clearinghouse on Disability Information at 1-877-232-4968 Toll-free Voice and TTY or