Communications & Media Materials

2019 DEAM materials.

DEAM Brochure

DEAM Poster


High School High Tech materials.

2018-19 Annual High School High Tech Data & Outcomes


This flyer provides facts about The Able Trust's grant programs.

Grant Fact Sheet


This flyer provides an overview of The Able Trust's grant programs.

Grant Overview


This flyer provides an overview of the Jeannie Amendola Speach and Research Competition for High School High Tech program participants. 

Jeannie Amendola Speech and Research Competition Overview


This brochure provides information about Disability Emploment  Awareness (DEAm) activities.

Disability Employment Awareness (DEAM) Brochure


This brochure provides information on The Able Trust's youth programs. 

Youth Programs Brochure (Businesses)


These flyers below cover just a few of The Able Trust's numerous success stories.

HSHT Success Story - Melisa Lewis

HSHT Success Story - Richard Van Duyne

Grant Program Success Story - Ettienne Pagan-Ayuso


The brochure and flyer provide iformation on The Able Trust's Alumni Association.

Alumni Association Brochure

Alumni Association Flyer